The instructor, a professional mural painter, will develop with students a mural from start to finish through idea generation, digitally generated proposals and technical considerations. The students will review a wide range of mural styles and trends along with techniques. Using these resources, students will define and articulate a personal narrative in elaborating their own mural proposal at the end of the course. Working as a team, the class will create a permanent mural for the community. Participants will spend the first week in Mexico City developing a mural proposal to be painted locally. At the end of the week, one field trip will take participants to relevant museums. The second week participants will implement the mural project on a local wall. During this week, there will be a field trip to the more than 2000-year-old murals at the archeological site of Teotihuacan. The mural is expected to be completed at the end of the third week. Other field trips will include visits to the museums of Diego Rivera, Frida Kahlo and David A. Siqueiros. Classes will include guest speakers and mural techniques demos. Evenings will be unscheduled.

Past Study Abroad:

June 20–Aug 12, 2011
Hector H. Hernandez

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